ANU Indonesia Institute Interdisciplinary Grant

Group photo of roundtable attendees
Roundtable event with Mr Agus Yudhoyono, Chair of Partai Demokrat

Indonesia Institute Interdisciplinary Events Grant - $2,500

The ANU Indonesia Institute’s Interdisciplinary Grant is designed to encourage and support collaborative research on Indonesia across disciplinary boundaries at the ANU. The funds will be used to support a roundtable, workshop, or seminar that investigates a topic/question/problem from different disciplinary angles. The grant’s objective is to demonstrate the value of cross-disciplinary collaboration among our scholars, and to build Indonesia-focused networks across campus.

Funds can be used to cover costs associated with an in-person event, including catering, travel, accommodation, recording etc. The ANU Indonesia Institute will also provide administrative support for the proposed event.

Proposals should:

  • Focus primarily on Indonesia.
  • Involve participants from at least two different ANU Colleges, reflecting interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Outline a budget and timeline for how funds will be used by December 2023.
  • Demonstrate how the event might lead to future outputs (e.g. larger grant proposals, publications).

We particularly encourage proposals from early career researchers, postdocs and senior PhD students.

Proposals should use the attached template and be sent to: by 31 July.